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May 1, 2012


Harry Kalashian, Glenn Highsmith and the crew of Harry & Sons Co., Inc. donated their time, skilled labor and supplies to replace ten sliding glass doors at Cromwell Fountain condominiums. Home Depot Foundation provided a gift card and Maryland Affordable Housing Trust a grant toward the purchase of the doors.  Harry & Sons provides residential, commercial and industrial roofing and other services. Omni House warmly thanks them as well as local business leaders Juli Blanton of Keller Williams and Bill MacMillan of Huff Insurance for referring Omni House to this outstanding firm.

 The mission of Omni House, Inc. is to provide psychiatric and rehabilitative services for adults with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Omni House Inc.’s comprehensive programs and services allow individuals with mental illness to live in the community as productive citizens with greater freedom, privacy and dignity. If you would like to join our community of supporters to continue renovations of our residences, please visit Omni House, Inc.’s website at www.omnihouse.org to donate.

Mr. Harry Kalashian
Mr. Glen Highsmith
Harry and Sons Contracting Co., Inc.
3403 Windom Road,
Brentwood, Maryland 20722

Dear Harry and Glen,

Words can't describe how grateful we are for your overwhelming support for our Omni House members.  On behalf of the board, staff and members, I want to thank you both and Harry & Sons Contracting Co., Inc.  For your generous in-kind donation of services.  Your contribution of labor in the removal and replacement of ten glass sliding doors for our Cromwell Fountain renovation project means a great deal to our members who are one of the most under severed members  of our community adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

We at Omni house, Inc. believe that our clients deserve to live in safe, affordable and quality housing the equal of their peers.  Your part in helping us to maintain the quality of their residences shows a signal commitment on your part to service the underserved far and beyond the call of duty, so to speak.  we realize the tremendous investment in time and energy this project took.

Thank you and all your staff for their generosity and caring.

Warm regards,

Lois  Miller
President and CEO

Mr. Harry Kalashian
Harry and Sons Contracting Co., Inc.
3403 Windom Road,
Brentwood, Maryland 20722

Dear Harry,

Harry and Sons is the real deal. a commercial roofer that also does residential. What that means is that getting your job scheduled is going to be a real bear, but once Harry and Sons is onsite, they work continuously till the job is done. Harry and Sons also busted their kiesters to get a bunch sub-contractors on board for a complex job that also involved insulation and upgrades to my attic HVAC.

The combination shingle/membrane system that they recommended was high-quality and affordable. Unlike one other roofer that I solicited a bid from, Harry and Sons did not try to sell me on a "Cadillac" system that was way more than I could afford and way more than I needed.

Now I'm no expert on roofing and roof repairs, so anything I say about the quality of the job is probably suspect, but the works look solid, and Harry and Sons gave me a set of high-res digital photos covering every aspect of the work.

All in all, I'm very satisfied.

Kvatch K.

Mr. Harry Kalashian
Harry and Sons Contracting Co., Inc.
3403 Windom Road,
Brentwood, Maryland 20722

Dear Mr. Kalashian,

I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the new roof and the siding you placed on my home. The experience has been a pleasant one with great attention to details. The concerns and issues I raised were addressed in a timely manner without any difficulty. Your crew was courteous, responsive and clearly concerned about the quality of the job they did and the care of the job site.

To remove a roof of that size and dispose of the old slate and bring in the new materials shows that all members of the work crew are well trained and well coordinated.

I would highly recommend your company to any and all that mention to me any major roofing or siding needs. It is so rare these days that consumers are treated with the patience and understanding that jobs of this size require. Again, thank you for a job well done.

I will clearly be able to enjoy my Christmas thanks to you and your crew.


St. Elmo W. Crawford Jr. D.D.S.

Harry & Sons Contracting Co.,

With my payment I wanted to enclose a note expressing my thanks and satisfaction with the experience of roofing my house with your company. Glenn Highsmith was very good with the estimate process, explaining what would be done, the products to be used and getting back to me quickly with answers to question as I was debating different quotes from other companies. He scheduled the job to fit around my schedule so I could be at home to watch the project.

The crew under the supervision of Philla did a good job of installation and cleaning up. When issues did come up, as they do in any job, he was quick to see that my concerns were addressed. My thanks for their hard work on a brutally hot day, they continued in the heat until the roof was at a point that the inevitable storm that evening did not penetrate into the unfinished areas.

As a home inspector, I see a lot of sloppy, poorly installed roofs. I look forward to not having to worry about mine for years to come and will be happy to mention your name as I work in the region.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Santini

Dear Mr. Glenn Highsmith

I would just like to thank you for the exceptional job you and your crew did on my new roof.

On July 23rd, your crew came out and replaced my roof. While they were here they were very focused on getting the job completed. When they were finished they cleaned up everything in my yard as well as my next door neighbor’s when some shingles went into their yard.

You should be very proud of your crew! I thanked my neighbor for recommending your company to me. I would recommend you and your company to any on else who needs a new roof or repair. Thank you again for a job well done!


Chauncey Morse

Dear Mr. Highsmith:

I want to express my praise and appreciation for the truly excellent job Harry and Sons’ crew did in shingling the roof of my house in Lanham Maryland, and at a very reasonable price. The house looks marvelous.

Alex, the crew chief, deserves to be commended in appreciation for the efficient, thorough and neat manner in which the job was conducted.

Thank you,

James W. Kehoe

When we bought our house a couple months ago, we knew we'd be needing to fix the roof. The outside rafter on a dormer had pulled away from the decking and was hanging by a hair. A couple of shingles had slid off the roof into our neighbor's yard.

I had a couple of folks look at the roof, and Harry and Sons quoted a reasonable price for removing the old shingles, repairing the dormer, and installing new gutters. They also talked me in to installing a ridge vent--a relatively cheap way to save money on air conditioning.

I didn't hear back from them once I sent the contract and deposit in, so I called to see what the status was. A string of thunderstorms we had in June was playing havoc with their scheduling, so Harry himself called me back and gave me a ballpark idea of when they'd start work. Their salesman confirmed the color of shingles and the extras we wanted, and we got a call the Friday before to say that they'd start on Monday morning.

They arrived at 8:00 in the morning, ready to go, and it was nonstop from then on. A team of five removed the old shingles (three layers, plus an odd layer of insulation sheeting!?!), replaced a bunch of decking that was weak, fixed the dormer, cut the ridge vent, and installed the shingles all in one day. Well, they were replaced by a second shift of workers, but that's because it took until past 9:00 pm. All the neighbors were impressed by their speed.

Now, in the process, some old shingles and tar paper flew into the neighbors' yards on both sides, and a couple of our flowers and bushes got damaged by the falling debris. However, I think that's mostly because the heaps of old shingles were three feet tall all around the house. The workers took care to do a meticulous job cleaning our yard and our neighbors'.

The next day, a team came to finish some last details, and another team installed the gutters. It was all done in a blur.

As first-timers, we sometimes weren't sure what stage of the process things were in, but it's clear that Harry and Sons will do a good, honest, affordable, and FAST job fixing your roof. They aren't much for hand-holding, but in retrospect, we never really needed that.

Andrew Hunt

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